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  • Origins Mod Server:

    1. You want to be entered in the whitelist?
    2. Or you are already a player of the server but were forgotten to enter?

    What do we need?
    1. Your ingame name
    2. Your GUID

    Server Information / Rules:
    Server Restart 0, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 Uhr
    PVE Do not shoot or kill players!
    Rules - Do not steal or grab vehicles in the base - Do not destroy locked vehicles
    Your body will disappear after 4h
    Humanity for Bots only if you are Hero or Bandit
    In Lab you will gain Bandit Humanity if you are Survivor
    Clean Up Period: Vehicles 14 Days - Base / Tents 30 Days
    Sector B: UH1H use only for the supply boxes! Please destroy before the server restarted

    If you violate the rules you are faster outside than you can watch!

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