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    Thanks Bro, I don't remember shit about the time,
    but i guessed that it probably was thanks to the walls on most of the maps where you could jump up to them and fuck everyone(if u were good like i were c:) and yeah.

    -Have A Good Day-

    So, I have recently wanted to play some noscope but since theres not really any servers except this one i joined this and im banned, and the reason is for "Exploiting Maps" Well yes i bunny hopped up to the walls (if i remember right) but deal with it come'on getting permanent ban because of that is pretty ridiculous. So an unban would be really nice since i were really good at noscoping before and i really want to get back to it.§From Snoots And Have Good Day§Steam Id | STEAM_0:1:153756189
    Servers Name | ~> Gaming-Biatch *AwpNoScope* [VIP|Store|AutoBhop+LJ|HLstatsX -----------------------Plus It Whas
    Servers Ip | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A Long TIme Ago
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